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Turkish States and Their Future for Centuriesure

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Turkish States for centuries

The separate lives of the Turkish States for centuries and the ethnic, regional and surrounding countries and social, geopolitical and different elections in the past have had different effects on the development of the Turkish-speaking countries.

We regretfully observe that Kazakhstan, which gained its independence after the collapse of the former Soviet Union, is developing relationships with the USA and European companies, the consequences of which are uncertain in the long run.

The chairman of the KAZENERGY association, Magzum Mirzagaliev stated, «The congress will attract new technologies and investments to Kazakhstan, enhancing its reputation as an energy powerhouse».

Will it really happen as Magzum Mirzagaliev says?

1 – Turkey’s relations with Western countries and companies were very cautious as long as Ataturk was alive; The most important reason for this is; England, France, Italy, Germany and the USA have always tried to take control and seize the Turkish Homeland, and on 13 November 1918, the British, especially the French, Italian, Russian and Greek forces in Istanbul, with the support and assistance of the Greek and Armenian forces in Anatolia. They had occupied. Ataturk and we never forgot these.

Nowadays, the countries that are captured by Western imperial countries, especially the USA, are becoming more and more stabilized and more useful for them.

Just like Turkey’s fear of the Soviets after World War II and the consequences of the agreements they made with the Americans due to that fear, today has brought Turkey to the brink of collapse.

The Republic of Turkey, founded by Atatürk and his friends, is now being destroyed by leaders who are America’s projects. And unfortunately, the Republic of Turkey is in its death throes.

Our suggestion to the Turkish Republics is that they learn from these experiences of the Republic of Turkey.

2 – While they think that they are expanding their market areas by making gas and oil agreements with westerners, especially Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, they are actually handing over the control of energy lines to the companies and countries with which they have agreements.


Pedro Miras Salamanca business profile as President | What WPC Energy at Repsol says!

Pedro Miras Salamanca

“we are part of the solution and there is no solution without our participation”.

This is the second main conclusion of the 24th WPC Congress in Calgary. The world is consuming 600 exajoules of energy and more than 50% is oil and gas and more than 80% when including coal. The companies that are delivering most of the energy that the world demands will find solutions to continue delivering sustainable, secure and affordable energy using technology and innovation. (Kaynak linkedin)

3 – Turkish States and Their Future for Centuries

All Turkish-speaking countries, especially Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, need to develop the Diaspores of Turks all over the world and in this way create very effective and strong information conditions that will last for many years. Germans carry out their activities in other countries with German companies, Israel carries out its activities in other countries with its own diaspora, so that they do not lose control of anything that belongs to them. And those states always win.

It is in our power to eliminate and solve the damage caused by uncontrolled agreements with imperial companies, which can cause huge problems in the short and long term, before they occur.

Is this possible; This is really possible under today’s conditions.


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